Green Grasshopper

How to be a responsible traveller 

Dear Traveller,

Perhaps you were already wondering why this website is named the Green Grasshopper. Well, it is often believed that grasshoppers symbolize independence and freedom which very much reminds us of the adventurous and curious traveller who is hopping from country to country. But that romanticized picture of a traveller is just one side of the coin. Grasshopper swarms can easily grow too big and turn into a plague… just like mass tourism today. Nowadays, we have endless opportunities to travel due to ongoing globalisation. However, when carried away by wanderlust we often forget the harm we do to the environment and people living in it. 

To address these problems, practices such as ecotourism and responsible tourism have emerged and become part of the discussion among academic researchers. But, let’s face it. The audience reached by these discussions is quite limited. 
In response to this, we - 6 students of the Wageningen University in The Netherlands -  have taken on the task of creating an online magazine which seeks to bring this scientific knowledge closer to you. We hope to inform you about the positive and negative aspects of ecotourism and eventually to boost your motivation to travel in a more responsible way. We will focus on transport, destinations, and activities. 


Help us to preserve the planet!

Bon voyage!

Bart, Emmy, Femke, Janina, Mariëlle & Roos