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about tourism 

How important is tourism for the world economy? What is the most visited part of the world? What is the most used way of transport? Let's find out! 

Why is tourism important?

Tourism is a big industry

International tourism is the third largest sector in terms of export earnings, after fuel and chemicals

The tourist industry is a job generator

The tourist sector provided 313 milion jobs in 2017 which is equal to 1 in 10 jobs in the global industry  

The tourist industry accounts for...

Tourism is growing

The international tourist arrivals have grown from 25 million to 1235 million between 1950 and 2016 and will increase to approximately 1800 million in 2030

Tourism is the main income source for many developing countries and is according to the UNWTO a key driver for economic growth, environmental protection, cultural preservation, peace and security.

France was the most visited country in the world in 2017 with 89 million visitors.

Most visited places

number of arrivals in 2017










Way of transport

in 2017

Tourism and Climate Change

Tourism is responsible for   


of the total CO2 emission of the world in 2005

The accommodation sector accounts for 20% of the total tourism emission. The contribution of this sector comes from heating, airconditioning, the mainentance of bars, restaurants, pools etc. The transport sector accounts for 74% of which air transport can be considered to be the main contributor to global warming. 

Transport emissions

The total CO2 emission of tourist transport in 2005 was estimated at 980 Megaton CO2 of which 52% was caused by air travel, 43% by car and 5% by other ways of transport 





Energy use and emmissions of accommodations 

Water usage 

Impact of Global warming on tourism

  • Small islands and other coastal regions will submerge due to the rise of sea levels 

  • Desertification will make regions less hospitable

  • Deforestation will affect biodiversity and will reduce demand for certain destinations 

  • Melting of snow will affect mountains and skiresorts 

by Roos