Inspiration for a responsible summer

In the next issues you will get to learn how to be a responsible traveller, but as the vacation is coming soon I will give you some tips how to have a responsible, but fun summer in The Netherlands, based on my own experiences over the past few years.


Go on a cycling or hiking trip

No expensive train tickets, traffic jams and hot cars are needed before the start of the fun part of the vacation, just pack your backpack or grab your bike and leave your home. When your sense of direction is terrible (like me) or don’t feel like using Google Maps it might be a good idea to follow a long distance biking or hiking route. These routes are often clearly marked and pass the most beautiful landscapes and cities. Another option for cycling is using the cycle nodes route network (‘fietsknooppunten network’ in Dutch).










Of course you can return home after a day, but it can also be great to go camping or stay at a bed and breakfast. I personally enjoyed both options. For me camping gives a sense of freedom and I like the idea of being able to stop and find a camping to spend the night when I am done for the day. However, I also enjoyed the comfort and convenience of a bed and and breakfast. It could also be a good idea to visit friends and family or find a couching surfing address on your way, however this requires some more planning.


Make daytrips from your own home

Some people complain about how tiny The Netherlands is, but a huge advantage is the possibility to do and see lots of things in one day. Instead of spending money on a hotel, hire a boat and go sailing, book a massage at the spa or treat yourself with a nice dinner. We often forget to enjoy our own homes. Some of the things I personally would recommend to do from my own experience are:

  • Visiting cities like Maastricht, Leiden, Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Utrecht.

  • Canoeing in national park the Biesbosch and several other places.

  • Go to the beach in Scheveningen.

  • Go to a spa on a rainy day.

  • Buy yourself a ‘museumkaart’ and visit loads of museums for free.

Something that is still on my bucket list is going to the train station and than randomly jump on the first train that comes or rolling a dice to decide which train track to go.


Hopefully you now have some new ideas to have a responsible and fun summer in in the Netherlands. Enjoy your time!


by Emmy